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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much would it cost us to use your parking management services?

We provide parking management services to our clients free of charge (subject to site survey).

How can I keep track of the client revenue rebate we’ve accrued?

You will have access to the client area of our website via your own unique secure client login which
will enable you to review and monitor your parking statistics.

Can we cancel parking charges that you’ve issued?

Yes. If we’ve ticketed a legitimate user in error, just let us know and we’ll cancel it immediately. You’re in total control at all times.

Who will provide the signs for our car park?

We’ll supply and install signage, clearly displaying our terms and conditions.

If we want to try out your services, what’s your minimum term contract?

We provide, for the majority of our services, a peace of mind 30 day cancellation option.

Do you work for any large organisations?

Yes, we provide parking solutions for a wide variety of large organisations. Please read more about the clients we work for including testimonials.

Do your wardens wear a uniform and carry ID?

Yes. In line with the British Parking Association’s guidelines all our wardens wear UKPC branded uniforms and carry full identification.

Will my staff get ticketed?

No. We’ll provide you with UKPC branded parking permits to issue to your staff. We never give parking charges to vehicles displaying a valid permit unless they are contravening other site contraventions, such as parked outside the markings of a bay. In addition, our iWarden Smartphone has the capability to store staff registration numbers for those sites who do not wish to use a permit system but need to have an authorised vehicle list.

What about any visitors or contractors we want to visit our site?

Again, we can issue you with permits or keep an up-to-date list of visitors or contractors to your site.

Are you covered by insurance?

Yes. We have public liability insurance worth £10,000,000, employer's liability insurance also worth £10,000,000.

Is the data you hold safe?

Yes. We’re registered under the Data Protection Act.

How are you able to request vehicle keeper details from the DVLA?

The DVLA require all parking operators who wish to request their data. We are members of the BPA's Approved Operator Scheme which is an ATA that the DVLA recognise, and as such we have an electronic link to the DVLA. As part of their various compliance processes we are routinely audited by both the BPA and the DVLA.

Do you use an approved debt recovery agency?

Yes, we only work with agencies who are AOS approved and fully accredited.

Can you provide references?

Yes. We can provide you with details of clients in your business sector who can give you any relevant reference information including testimonials.