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Marshalling Services.

Helping hands on site during peak times

With our marshalling service you can be sure that your customers have
every opportunity to park with ease and spend at leisure.

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Marshalling Services explained

Our marshalling service can be available whenever you need it and for however long you need it. UKPC staff are courteous and experienced, providing marshalling services to help customers safely locate parking spaces and ensure safe departure.

UKPC can provide additional staff to cover entrances and choke points to aid congestion and to help visitors in the car park at peak times and when special events are taking place.

Having Marshal’s during busy periods, such as Easter and Christmas period have been proven to dramatically improve efficiency when parking is at a premium.


Our Marshalling Services provide you with:

A smooth traffic flow throughout your car parks

Providing valuable additional support for any existing warden
patrols or security personnel already on site

Focussing on key congested areas

Providing a visual presence this acts as a deterrent to errant drivers

Offering short term controls to maximise potential profit on site

A point of contact for customers and provide assistance

Ensuring all available parking space is utilised, every time, all the time.


Professionally Managed…

Since UKPC have introduced their parking control services, our sites are now professionally managed and clear of all unauthorised parking.”

Peter Smith

Estates Manager – OM Property Management


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