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Self Ticketing Service.

Take total control of your parking area with STS.

Provides you with all the tools required to self manage
your sapces and protect your premises with ease.

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What is STS?

Our self ticketing service offers you total control over parking management on your premises.

We provide all the necessary signage and parking permits for you to issue to staff, visitors, and contractors.

In cases where a vehicle is in breach of the parking terms and conditions of the site, your staff can simply take a picture of the vehicle and upload it to our Warden Web.

We will then source the owner/keeper details from the DVLA and send them a parking charge notice by post.

This service is ideally suited for sites where there may be particular sensitivities such as hospitals, schools or universities.


Our STS Solution Provides you with:

Total control of your car parking area enforcement

All the necessary equipment to manage your parking regulations on site

Issue the tickets to vehicles in breach of the terms of parking

WE do the rest! – administration, phone calls, payments, appeals.


STS can work in conjunction with UKPC’s iPermit system which provides you with an automated process to seamlessly manage authorised vehicles, simply via a personal login.”

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STS works seamlessly with iHub, our in depth reporting portal. iHub is user friendly and simple to use. It provides you with live comprehensive information about any of your sites, any time you want.

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Very effective parking enforcement strategy…

UKPC Ltd have smartly and quickly implemented a very effective parking enforcement strategy on our hospitals’ sites. Within six weeks, revenue from previously lost car parking charges has improved and general enforcement is now excellent, leading to a safe and compliant environment.”

John Dangerfield

Contracts Manager – NHS Foundation Trust


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