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Automated Number Plate Recognition.

Secure, efficient, effective enforcement.

Real-time, secure data from UK Parking Control
Advanced protection for your parking spaces.

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What is ANPR?

UKPC’s Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an advanced solution,
enabling you to protect your car park, reducing the need for visible enforcement.

Our ANPR solution is a technology driven, modern way to stop unwanted vehicles parking in your car parks which overstay the published time limits, without the need for visible parking charges or displaying permits.

Automated Number Plate Recognition provides accurate, real-time data for your site 24/7, eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment.

Our accurate software enables us to record unauthorised vehicles upon entry and exit. Our cameras are linked to our control centre, where we can then request the keeper/driver’s details from the DVLA and issue them with a parking charge by post, including photographic evidence.

As part of the service we conduct a full site survey and provide everything you need to get started, from site signage to installation of equipment.. subject to site survey and any required civils works.

Our ANPR service is an ideal solution for a variety of sectors including, Retail parks, Shopping centres and Commercial sites. It provides valuable insights into dwell times, peak trading times, repeat visitors as well as providing additional site security.

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Our ANPR Solution Provides:

ANPR cameras installed at entry and exit points

The system is linked to our secure control centre

Maintaining authorised vehicle exemptions via our control centre or our iPermit solution

It has identifying software for all unauthorised vehicles entering and exiting site

High definition images taken day and night

Enhanced security on site

An online portal login for you to generate reports on car parking statistics,
including useful data from a security, operational or marketing perspective


Our ANPR solution provides accurate real-time data for your sites and works seamlessly with our iHub portal. Providing you with live, comprehensive information about all of your sites, any time your want.”

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ANPR can also work seamlessly in conjunction with our iPermit solution, giving you the capability to virtually manage your permits requirements, with accuracy and confidence”.

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