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Total Parking Management

Complete, Compliant, Parking Protection.

Our ultimate all in one parking management solution
Taking care of every aspect of your site.

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What is TPM?

UKPC’s Total Parking Management (TPM) is our all in one complete parking solution, protecting every aspect of your car park.

TPM combines four of our premium services brought together in one complete solution, adding an extra dimension for clients who have sites experiencing multiple parking problems.

TPM gives total flexibility, utilising the combination of latest technology via ANPR alongside the professional approach of our warden patrols. This ensures that all vehicles which have entered site are parking correctly and within the terms and conditions outlaid in the signage.

With TPM you will also have complete control to manage your permit needs virtually with iPermit.­

Our bespoke reporting portal iHub, will provide you with access to a variety of detailed reports at your fingertips and can be a valuable, management information tool, enabling your sites to run smoothly, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue streams.

Our professional wardens are trained to the highest industry standards, including areas such as customer service and conflict management and are readily visible, which can act as a natural deterrent.

As with all of our services, we will advise you as to how Total Parking Management could benefit your site based on your requirements and provide you with all the necessary equipment, signage, log in details and wardens.

As part of our TPM service we conduct a full site survey and provide everything you need to get started, from initial discussions through to implementation.

Our TPM service is an ideal solution for a variety of sectors including, Retail Parks, Shopping Centres and Commercial sites. It provides valuable insights into how your site is used including, dwell times, peak trading times, repeat visitors as well as providing additional site security.


TPM is uniquely tailored to fit your sites’ specific requirements, providing you with complete peace of mind, parking protection.

Our TPM Solution Provides you with:

ANPR cameras installed at entry and exit points

Professional Warden Patrols

Virtual access to manage your sites permits

A bespoke live reporting portal, unique to your sites generating a vast array of reports in addition to other information such as traffic reports

High definition images taken day and night

Enhanced security on site.

Solving multiple parking problems effortlessly.


Automated Number Plate Recognition


Warden Patrol Service






Total Parking Management

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UKPC’s Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), enables you to protect your car park by effectively managing the turnover of parking spaces.

ANPR ultising advanced software and hardware to deter vehicles parking in your car parks for unauthorised time periods. ANPR records vehicles and highlights the vehicles which overstay the published time limits.

Automated Number Plate Recognition provides accurate, and fully compliant real-time data for your site 24/7, eliminating the need for additional expensive on-site equipment.

UKPC’s accurate software enables us to record all unauthorised vehicles upon entry and exit.

Our cameras are linked to our control centre, where we are then able to request the keeper/driver’s details from the DVLA and issue a parking charge by post, including supporting photographic evidence.


Our TPM solution provides:

  • ANPR cameras installed at all entry and exit points
  • The system is linked to our secure control centre
  • Maintaining authorised vehicle exemptions via
    our iPermit solution
  • It has identifying software for all unauthorised vehicles
    entering and exiting site
  • High definition images taken day and night
  • Our ANPR cameras meet the NASP (National ANPR Standards for Policing) and we can assist the Police where necessary
  • Enhanced security on site
  • Login for iHub our online portal to generate reports on car parking statistics, including useful data from a security, operational or marketing perspective.


Warden Patrol Service (WPS) is a dependable way to ensure vehicles are parked correctly on site.

Our WPS solution is a reliable and time-tested service to help safe guard your parking spaces with the utmost ease. With bespoke patrols our Wardens will protect parking areas from vehicles in breach of the published parking terms and conditions, outside of those captured via ANPR technology.

All of our Wardens are trained to the highest industry standards and receive ongoing comprehensive training. Their experience and training enables them to be on hand to provide guidance and support to people within your parking areas and also help defuse potential confrontational situations.

Our Wardens utilise the latest hand held technology to issue real time tickets with supporting photographic evidence according to your bespoke site requirements.

Our TPM solution provides:

  • Wardens equipped with a hand held PDA device with iWarden application and blue tooth printer to issue parking charges with supporting photographic evidence
  • Customer focussed and trained personnel to diffuse problematic situations
  • Regular patrols of your car parking area
  • Continual training from our National Trainers.


iPermit is an innovative flexible solution enabling you to manage parking permits virtually.

iPermit is a simple to use portal, created by UK Parking Control, giving you total control over your permit requirements.

iPermit eliminates the need for physical permits that can often be misused on another vehicle or by another person. UKPC’s iPermit portal can be accessed both in the work place or on the move, using either a computer, tablet or smart phone. This flexibility ensures that vehicles can be validated through the automated process at any time, wherever you are.

iPermit can reduce the need for unnecessary administration and costly and time consuming paper permits. It is completely secure, providing you with real-time information on active authorised permit parking. The portal can be accessed 24/7, eliminating errors, time delays and misuse.

iPermit works seamlessly as part of TPM and additionally across all of UKPC’s solutions.


iHub Reporting

iHub is YOUR unique portal which provides the ultimate in bespoke reporting.

iHub is user friendly and simple to use. It provides you with live comprehensive information about any of your sites, any time you want.

Reports can be generated when required, giving you a wealth of information not only on your car park statistics such as information all about tickets and trends, but also elements such as traffic flow in the surrounding roads to your site, direct feeds to industry news information and even weather conditions.

You will also be able to view your sites on a map via your unique login and have all your key contacts in one place.

If you have a query you will be able to either send it directly from the portal or liaise with your key contact at UKPC.

iHub is much more than a simple reporting suite and would benefit any client, further enabling sites to run efficiently, effectively and in partnership, with the ultimate vision to increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue streams.


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